Like Talking to a Human

Add AI Assistants to your workflow in just a few clicks.

Spokes Provides All the Necessary Tools for Your Success

Your Own Style

Give your Spokes the look and feel you want, ensuring they align with your branding.

Make Your Docs Talk

Upload your PDF or CSV files and work with Spokes that know their content inside and out.

Your 24/7 Assistant

Empower your Spokes with 'Actions', like sending emails or managing your calendar.

Fast and Simple

Add them to Slack, Telegram, Shopify or your own website in just a few clicks.

Own Your Data

We don't sell your data or use it to train our models. Instead, we allow you to use it yourself to fine-tune your own Spokes.

Choose Your Brain

Choose between most popular LLMs including GPT-4, Mistral and Gemini

Need a Hand?

Let us Handle Everything

  • We take charge of the whole process
  • Create and customize your Spokes for you
  • Feed the assistants with relevant data
  • Add them to your communication channels
  • Set up data analysis tailored to your goals
  • Develop the necessary adaptations to fit our technology to your specific use-case
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I'm extremely pleased with this product and highly recommend it. It's incredibly user-friendly, and the performance on our various websites is outstanding. We consistently receive positive feedback.
Dana Smith

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